Medical Clinic Management System

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system

Client: A leading chain of Clinics in Kuala Lumpur

To develop an integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with Practice Management. The application should have a mobile app too. The scope of the proposed system included the management of daily schedules, previous visit data, medical history of patient, medication details, allergy information, electronic prescription and tracking of complete medical profile of the patient. The following outcomes are expected.

  • The information to be stored electronically replacing all paper work.
  • All the administrative processes to be automated.
  • Eliminate/ Reduce the manual errors
  • More attention to the Patients, than to the documentation.
  • An all-in-one solution, both web and mobile, to serve the other branches of the Clinic.

DSS developed an exclusive approach to

ClinicNEXT helped streamline all the operations in the Clinic and its branches. The major features incorporated are:

Appointment Scheduler, which takes charge of appointment booking, tracking, rescheduling and cancellations, if any. It also has an automatic Reminder facility, that works for the benefit of the doctor as well as the patient that sends a reminder on the patient appointment specific information.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR), a module aimed at automating and simplifying the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.

Insurance Eligibility Check, to take care of the vital process of checking patient’s insurance eligibility, say attending to insurance coverage concerns, delays and approvals.

Medical Profile, to record all the details related to the patient’s medical history, past surgery and medical issues that the patient has been treated for.

Medication Profile, a complete list of all medications that the patient is on or had been taking.

Allergy List, to record list of all the patient’s allergies – food, medicine, etc.

Family History, to capture the complete family history.

Immunization info, a complete list of all immunizations that the patient has had.

Document Management, that allows the Clinic to store vital patient documents such as X-Ray’s, Paper Reports, and Lab Reports etc.

Prescription Writer, to streamline the entire prescription writing process making it simple, fast and effective.

Lab Order Integration, an interface that synchronizes lab results with patient records.